GMAT Mastery (2021)

Are you looking to go for a graduate management program such as an MBA abroad? If yes, GMAT is for you.

What Is GMAT?

GMAT is the acronym for Graduate Management Admission Test. GMAT seeks to access the writing, analytical, quantitative, reading, and verbal skills of people who are seeking admission to a graduate management program abroad.

It is a standardized computer adaptive examination in which candidates are given 3 hours and 30 minutes to attempt 80 multiple-choice questions.

The questions in the GMAT examination are vital to real-world business and management success as it is designed to predict the performance of candidates in business school.

Who Is GMAT For?

With over 7,000 programs, there are over 200,000 GMAT examination takers annually and approximately 2,300 graduate business schools that accept GMAT globally.

Basically, GMAT is the first and only standardized examination (till date) that is designed for admission to graduate business and management programs abroad.

Validity Of GMAT

The GMAT result is valid for 5 years. After 5 years, the result losses its validity.

Is GMAT Hard?

Honestly, GMAT is challenging but there is no challenge that cannot be overcomed.

GMAT is challenging because it sets out to predict the candidate’s performance in business school.

Many say the time given to complete the GMAT examination is not enough but with quality preparation and efficiency, the time might be just enough.

Prepare efficiently, read as many study packs and past questions, get a tutor if possible, get quality rest and eat balanced meals and who knows, GMAT might end up being a piece of cake for you.

The GMAT Syllabus

GMAT syllabus is divided into four (4) broad sections:

  1. Quantitative Reasoning (Quant): this section measures the candidate’s ability to analyze data and make real conclusions using the reasoning skill.

The Quant section mainly looks at Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency questions.

  1. Verbal Reasoning (Verbal): this section measures the candidate’s ability to read and fully comprehend written materials and to correct written materials to suit the standard for written English Language.

The Verbal section also looks at how well candidates can evaluate arguments.

  1. Integrated Reasoning (IR): this section measures the candidate’s ability to analyze data and evaluate the information given in different ways.

This section is the only section that requires two sections – the Quant and Verbal section. The IR section covers Table Analysis, Graphics Interpretation, Two-part Analysis, and Multi-source Reasoning.

The Integrated Reasoning section does not affect the GMAT score because it is not counted towards the GMAT composite score.

  1. Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA): this section measures the candidate’s ability to think critically to carry out an analysis of an argument.

The AWA section tests the writing skill of candidates as an argument will be given to them to analyze.

Just like the IR score, the AWA score does not affect the GMAT score because it is not counted towards the GMAT composite score.

Choose Your GMAT Examination Section Order

Candidates are given the privilege to choose the order in which their GMAT examination will be answered.

Three (3) standard order options have been programmed, all that is left is to pick the order you want. The three (3) order options are;

1) Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), Integrated Reasoning (IR), Quantitative, Verbal.

2) Verbal, Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment.

3) Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment.

Meaning Of Computer Adaptive Test (CAT)

The good news is that candidates are given the privilege to pick their examination order but the not so good news is that because GMAT is a Computer Adaptive Test, you cannot skip, return or change your answers. Yikes! Right?

A Computer Adaptive Test is one in which the computer uses the response of each question to select the next question, i.e., the computer adapts to the candidates’ performance as the test is taken.

The more a candidate answers difficult questions, the more difficult questions will be given to such candidates and vice versa. The score is determined by an algorithm that calculates the ability level of candidates based not only on what they got wrong or right but also on the difficulty level of questions answered.

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