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I hate Chemistry

Who cares if it is ionic or not! I hate Chemistry, it is boring and difficult! Those are the thoughts of almost all secondary school students in the science space.

Like your friendships, you cannot kick chemistry out of your life. Chemistry has been a part of our lives from the start and it will continue to be. Whatever your passion is, whether being a photographer, chef or an architect – Chemistry is vital. Chemistry has played a big role in people’s lives as it has been used to improve food, medicine to mention a few. Is it still boring?

You may ask, why students hate Chemistry? Many students have a bias for Chemistry so naturally they end up disliking it. This is a wrong mindset to have.

For some, the teachers speak in alien codes, some are more concerned in finishing the lesson plan or they just do not believe in their students! This leaves most students wondering which terrible person created the rules for significant figures and if they should have chosen art.

Chemistry is a subject most students hate because they believe it is about mugging up information, balancing equations, combinations and reactions in which no real world applications are taught.

Yes, Chemistry can be a bit difficult to learn, but if you approach it with an open mind and diligence, dedicate quality time to studying everyday, I am sure you will find it exciting. It may be hard at first but with more practice you become better. Like they say, ‘Practice makes perfect’.

Trying to decipher the relationship between Lewis Structures and Thermodynamics is not why you are studying Chemistry, do not make it a hobby to look for how topics relate.

Further, reviewing notes and materials and going the extra mile by sourcing for Chemistry materials can help you. Jot down questions, thoughts or observations and share them in class.

So before you give up on Chemistry, ask questions, share experiences and get smarter!

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