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Almost everyone wishes they had the sorcerer’s hat and a magic wand to make all their examination wishes comes true, I know I am one of them. Are you?

Let us face the reality, there is no magic wand or sorcerer’s hat anywhere, so you cannot POOF! A+ on that result paper.

I am not here to give magic spells to pass that next examination. I am here to give 8 tips you can use to pass the ICAN examination.


1. Have A Positive Mindset

Have you heard students say, ‘Oh! I hate Mathematics, it is too challenging.’ Check it, many students who say such does not perform well in Mathematics.

Do not be like the students mentioned above, you cannot believe ICAN is difficult and expect to do well in the examination. Prepare for the ICAN examination with a positive mindset. Honestly, ICAN is not designed to make students fail.

Also, ICAN is not a lecturer that can decide to fail a student even if the student merits the score – so, knock off the belief that ICAN denies students success even if merited.

Many students pass all the ICAN examinations on their first attempt, do you think they did so by thinking about unnecessary things? The answer is no. You can also pass the ICAN examination on your first attempt, the first step is believing you can.

2. Be An Early Bird – Prepare Early

Early birds catch the worm – in this case, students who prepare early for the ICAN examination get better scores. One can never start preparing too early for anything.

Do not wait till it is one month to your ICAN examination date before you start preparing. Preparing early can make it possible to pass the ICAN examination without stress.

Get the textbooks, study packs, and/or past questions needed for the examination. Give quality time to studying every day and the rest will be history.

In all, proper preparation for the ICAN examination leads to success.

3. Exhaust The Syllabus

If a candidate reads the examiner’s report on the portal, it would be discovered that a lot of complaints are submitted about candidates not covering the ICAN syllabus.

The whole syllabus must be exhausted to attain success in ICAN. The purpose of this is to ensure that you have a basic knowledge of each topic. Candidates should not try to guess what topics would come out in the ICAN examination – if a topic is difficult ensure you still read it.

Do not focus on topics that are your strengths and ignore the topics that are your weaknesses, every inch of the syllabus must be covered.

4. Practice Past Questions

Study the past questions available especially the ones provided by ICAN. Ensure you practice as many past questions as you can find. By studying the ICAN past question, you might discover a pattern in which the examinations are set and this will increase your chance of success.

While studying past questions, try to get into the examination mood by always timing yourself as this will help keep you focused.

Further, candidates can use ACCA materials as a guide since it has been noticed ICAN now sets questions in a similar pattern to ACCA.

5. No One Is An Island – Join A Study Group

It is not enough to be a guru in accounting. Sometimes, it is better to rub minds with like minds. For some, attending tutorials are a waste of time as they prefer studying on their own.

For those who need the extra push when it comes to studying, attend the right tutorial or study group. Ensure you enroll in tutorial centers that are tested and trusted, you do not want to waste your money and time attending a bad tutorial.

If being in a study group works for you, join one. Do not forget to team up with serious-minded students so you can study past questions, study packs, and other materials together. Be careful not to be in a study group full of time wasters.

6. Health Is Wealth – Eat & Sleep Well

No one can cheat nature. Those who believe they can cheat nature always have sad stories to tell about their experience.

You do not want your own sad experience to be that you dozed off or you had an ulcer attack during the ICAN examination.

The ICAN examination lasts for 3 hours and more, candidates who do not get quality sleep might have difficulty focusing during the examination.

While you prepare for the ICAN examination, do not skip meals. Eat healthily and get enough sleep so that your brain does not shut down on you during the examination.

7. Never Remove The God Factor

Ever heard, God Over Everything? Yes, God is really over everything. Like the wise ones say, ‘No journey is small’. Do not think that because you are an accounting guru you do not need to commit everything to God’s hands.

To some ICAN examination is a small fry, while to some it is a big deal – whichever side is yours, do not forget to pray.

As you prepare for the examination date and even after the examination put God before everything.

The Holy Book testifies to this, it says we should ‘Work and Pray’. Do your best, study as you will never study again – then take it to God in your prayers. Do not stick to prayer and neglect studying, there is a reason why work (a.k.a study) comes before pray.

8. Keep Calm – Everything Is Alright

You have covered the syllabus, you have learned all the basics. You have covered years worth of past questions, you have prayed about it. So, why fret?

All that is left is to go to the ICAN examination venue before time, so you do not get caught up in bad unforeseen circumstances. Take the stipulated materials, you do not want to be caught with anything that can implicate you.

Compose yourself, now is not the time to worry if you study enough or if you would remember everything. Think carefully before clicking your answer and ensure your writing is legible.

Above all, read and follow all instructions given. Like my mum says, ‘Instructions are part of the examination’.

Good luck.

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