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SAT Preparation

Ever heard of the Scholastic Assessment Test AKA SAT Prep? Well, that was the name in the past. It was designed to measure students’ ability to perform tasks well under certain circumstances.

Now, it is called SAT: just SAT. Read through to have a piece of basic knowledge on what is SAT.

What Is SAT?

Since it arrived in 1926, its name and scoring have changed several times. Originally called the Scholastic Aptitude Test and was later called the Scholastic Assessment Test. Then it was called the SAT I: Reasoning Test, then the SAT Reasoning Test, then simply the SAT.

So, what is SAT?

SAT is a standardized test administered by the College Board for students looking for admission to undergraduate schools in the United States of America.

The SAT examination measures three (3) major skills; Writing, Critical Reading, and Math.

Who Needs SAT

With over 2 million students who write this examination yearly, the SAT examination is one of the most crucial parts of the admission process of undergraduate students who are planning to study in the United States.

Sections of SAT

For the SAT examination without an essay, the duration is three (3) hours break excluded. While the SAT with an essay is 3 hours 50 minutes excluding break.

The SAT examination has four (4) sections;

1) Reading is allotted 65 minutes

2) Writing & Language is allotted 35 minutes

3) Math (Calculator) is allotted 25 minutes and

Math (no Calculator) is allotted 55 minutes

4) Essay (Optional) is allotted 50 minutes

Age Limit For SAT

There is no age limit whatsoever for taking SAT. Nonetheless, it may lose its importance as a college admission examination if written too early or too late.

Does SAT Score Expire?

Unlike some standardized examinations, SAT score never expires. You should not worry about the validity of your SAT scores as it does not expire but some institutions place restrictions on the duration of time between taking the test and submitting an application.

Update On SAT

In January 2021, the College Board announced that the optional SAT essay section and subject tests will be terminated for students in the United States of America after the June 2021 administration.

Further, College Board will continue to give the essay section and subject tests to international students through June 2021.

Students should always be abreast of information as new updates can come up at any time.

How To Register For SAT

Students have two registration options: online registration and postal mail registration.

To know how to register for SAT, go on the portal to register or visit an authorized agent.

You do not have an authorized agent? Do not worry, visit:

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