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7 Tips to Prepare you for SAT Writing

What Is SAT Writing?

The SAT Writing & Language Test is the second section of the SAT examination.

SAT writing is a standardized test that checks candidates on both grammar and effective use of the English language.

This section of SAT consists of forty-four (44) questions with a thirty-five (35) minutes duration.

This means a candidate has less than a minute to finish each question. Do you believe it is impossible? To help you answer questions on SAT writing easily and correctly, review the following tips.

Every standardized test has tips to guide candidates to the path of success. We are going to look at 7 SAT writing tips, enjoy the reading.

SAT Writing Tips

1) It Is Okay To Skip Questions

Answer questions that are short and easy to answer and leave the hard ones for later. Remember, if you’ve skipped a question, you can always go back and get it later.

2) Use Your Grammar Hat

Focus on Using Grammar Rules to Answer the Questions. Do not rely on what sounds right to answer SAT writing questions, this might make you miss the error(s) in the question and miss the question altogether.

Know and use the right punctuations as this will help you answer the SAT writing question easily.

Here is a list of some important punctuation you should study for the SAT writing examination;

  1. a) Comma (,) b) Semicolons (;)
  2. c) Colons (:) d) Dashes (—)
  3. e) Apostrophes (‘).

Also, it is best you know the fundamentals that SAT writing tends to look at. Some of the fundamentals are;

  1. a) Subject-verb Agreement
  2. b) Comma Splices
  3. c) Pronoun & Number Errors
  4. d) Transition Words & Conjunctions.

3) Work On Your Speed After You have gathered knowledge

With less than one minute to answer each question, if you have gained enough knowledge on the grammar behind SAT writing, the examination becomes easy.

All you have to do is skim through the questions and passages and you are got to go.


4) Pick The More Succinct Answer

When two choices seem to work well grammatically, look closely as the correct answer will be relevant to the information surrounding it.

Furthermore, if an option seems to go off-topic remove it immediately as it can not be the answer.


5) The Word “Being” Is Often A Signal For An Error

While “being” can be used correctly, it is often an indication of a grammar error.

The word “being” can signal wordiness, idiom, and fragment errors. Whenever you see the word “being” in a sentence improvement or identify the error question, you are likely to find a grammar error.

So read questions like this properly to identify any error within.

6) Do Not Be Afraid To Pick ‘No Error’

Most candidates always feel that ‘No Error’ can never be a correct answer and this is mostly out of uncertainty in themselves.

If you are sure there is no error, do not be afraid to pick it as your answer. Note that if almost all your answers are no error, you should read them again to ensure you are correct as it is very unlikely that a long thread of questions will have no error as the answer.


7) Read The Paragraph First

In the paragraph improvement subsection, candidates should quickly read the paragraph improvement passage before answering the questions.

The purpose of doing this is to note any obvious errors and identify the main idea to enable the right answer to be chosen.


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